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4 Key Qualities of a Manager

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While initially quite similar, there are differences between leaders and managers. From creating visions to taking risks, and communicating change to building strong relationships, it is evident that there are important distinctions between managing staff and leading people.
This is the second instalment of a two-part blog series exploring the different qualities of leaders and managers. Our first part, the qualities of leaders, is available to view on our blog. Continue reading to find out the 4 key qualities of an effective manager.
1. Managers are focused
Managers prioritise needs and are focused on achieving goals and objectives with measurable and impactful results. They ensure all projects are delivered to their specifications and are driven by deadlines. If a problem arises, effective managers can solve these problems quickly through prioritisation. 
2. Managers are positive 
Managers know a positive attitude can go a long way and endorse good workplace attitudes, viewing them as the key to healthy working relationships. Managers who have a good attitude to work don't complain about projects and works to be completed, instead, they look for solutions to finish them before the deadline.
3. Managers are honest
Managers will tell their team what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want or would like to hear. As an individual with authority, effective managers are honest and transparent, frequently sharing updates and feedback within their team to support the delivery of their work and projects. They believe in the importance of open communication with their team and will encourage and find opportunities to achieve this.
4. Managers make decisions
Finally, managers lead with their head, making important decisions for their team and projects. To ensure decisions are thoughtfully considered, an effective manager will research and collate information to support them in their decision. An effective manager will also take responsibility for their decisions, fostering a culture of accountability within their team.
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