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5 Tips for Distance Learning Success

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Studying a distance learning course can be daunting especially if you are returning to study after a long break. We have 5 useful tips to help you get motivated, achieve your goals, and obtain the qualification you need. 
1. Seek help when you need it
Unlike other qualification providers, our accessors are always on hand to help. Whether you need support managing a workload or understanding a difficult concept, our accessors are available via phone, email or Skype to help make studying a qualification easier.
2. Take advantage of flexible learning
One of the many benefits of flexible learning is the opportunity to learn at a pace that works for you. Regardless of other commitments in your personal and/or professional life, the time you choose to dedicate to studying and learning is entirely dependent on you and your schedule. Take advantage of this and work at a pace that suits you.

3. Create a study space
Creating a quiet space can aid concentration, keep you organised and be a source of motivation too. If you’re limited on space, an alternative solution could be to visit your local library or coffee shop.
4. Set regular goals
Studying towards a qualification is no easy task; it requires a lot of hard work and determination. One way to ensure you succeed is to break down your qualification into small and manageable steps. This will not only help to make your overall workload a lot less intimidating but will also award a sense of accomplishment for each completed goal.
5. Enjoy yourself!
As well as gaining essential knowledge to excel in their careers, many of our learners say how much they have valued and enjoyed the experience of studying a qualification with us. Nicola Deeprose, who studied a Level 5 Certificate in Management of Volunteers with us, for example, said “I had a very good experience with PNE Development. All of the staff I spoke to were very friendly, informed, and approachable and I felt very supported throughout the qualification”.
Although studying a qualification demands a lot of hard work, it’s important to enjoy the learning experience. Explore different learning styles, see what works for you, and utilise your course materials to ensure you have a positive learning experience.

To find out more about our qualifications, view our course brochure online or contact a member of the team at or 0191 691 4901.

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