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Management and Compliance (Guest blog from Lisa Murphy)

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This may feel like a bit of a dry topic for many as it can often be seen as a very black and white area i.e. you either comply or you don’t!!  It could also be seen as an area of strict rules and regulations.  For me, I believe the trick to effective management and compliance is within the organisational culture and its willingness to succeed.   

Having the right compliance framework is important within any organisation; it needs to be embraced and led from the top.  It ensures that activities are managed in such a way that the company meets the required regulation and legislation.  In addition, having a structured approach to compliance helps align activities to the organisational business goals and strategies. 

The importance of compliance controls cannot be stressed enough.  Robust systems and processes underpin everyday practice to ensure the workforce deliver consistent quality services that meet and, where possible, exceed the needs and expectations of clients and stakeholders.

There are numerous benefits to the organisation, for example:

·         Risk mitigation
·         Reduces silo thinking
·         Improves decision making
·         Ensures efficient and effective working practices

Of course, responsibility for compliance is spread throughout an organisation with each individual playing their part.    As managers, we need to ensure there is two way consistent and effective communication so that there is an understanding of expectations, and people are supported to meet the required standards.   Without the whole organisation being onboard there is always the risk of standards slipping!  Where non-compliance or non-conformance is identified, an organisation can most definitely learn and improve practice.  Adopting a continuous improvement model highlights that we learn from our mistakes and ensures that we consistently strive to improve processes, products and services.

Lisa Murphy
PNE Group Compliance Manager

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