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Top Tips for Recruiting Volunteers

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Each year, from June 1st - 7th, we shine a light on volunteers, voluntary organisations and charities throughout the UK who dedicate their time and skills to make a difference in our local communities as part of Volunteers' Week, the largest celebration of volunteering.
Having supported a variety of voluntary organisations and charities throughout the years, we're dedicating this blog post to those responsible for the recruitment, recognition and reward of volunteers in their organisation. Continue reading to find out our top tips for recruiting volunteers!
1. Think about the role
Before you begin promotion of your volunteering role or position, consider what and who you are looking for then make sure that this is explicitly stated in all of your recruitment. Think about the 4WS (who, what, when and why) and ensure all role descriptions and promotion answer these questions. Also remember to consider the benefits of volunteering beyond the role, including, for example, training offered to volunteers or paid travel expenses. 
2. Identify new networks
Local communities are at the heart of voluntary organisations and charities, so dedicate time to identify new networks within your local area (think of schools, colleges, universities and community groups!). Once you've identified new networks, make contact - telephone, email, letter or even social media, pursue the communication channel that works for you!
3. Contact existing networks
While it may be important to pursue new networks, also reflect on your organisation's existing stakeholders and whether there are untapped opportunities to recruit volunteers. For example, if your organisation already has an established team of volunteers, it may be beneficial to contact them to inform them of the new recruitment opportunities within the organisation, encouraging them to forward the message onto anyone who they know who may be interested.
4. Promote online 
Another way to promote your position is through online listings and websites. Luckily, there are many websites dedicated to sharing volunteering opportunities such as and vInspired. If your organisation also has social media, it may be beneficial to use the platform to announce you're recruiting. 
5. Promote offline
Libraries, community centres and volunteer centres are all places you should call to ask if they could help you by displaying flyers or posters. Also consider whether they send newsletters and mailings, who their audiences are, and ask whether you could promote the recruitment via their mailing lists. 

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